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Welcome to the CryptoPeaks

Start Collecting...

...and keep hiking in the metaverse.

CryptoPeaks.nft is a collection of 10k artificial mountains created by a machine-learning algorithm from MIT Boston. The edges of the mountains correspond to different chartpatterns of the most relevant cryptocurrencies.  Behind the concept and execution stands an anonymous collective of artists and other nerds with an exciting track record in the art and entrepreneurship scene. Each of the 10k mountains is unique and the collection is limited to 10k in the ERC-720 contract. The algorithm for each image was trained with photos of one of the 140 highest mountains, combined with the chart of a specific cryptocurrency - creating different rarities among the combinations. Mountains and their images have always played an important role in art history, which now finds a worthy entry into web3.0.
With this project, technology, art history and nature are ideally combined and discussed. love it and get your own!

By the way - there is also some additional utility for collectors of CryptoPeaks art assets - in the physical world as well as in the metaverse, like VIP invitations to artfairs, exhibitions, or art experiences in the real world as well as elswhere. Wait and see - we keep doing things.
See you on a mountain top or at an art event.

Peaks Selection


a Preview - find more on our instagram and twitter

Mint your CryptoPeak

Get ready to hike!


Final Crypto Peak Roadmap.png

Team & Partners

CryptoPeaks is implemented by an anonymous collective of artists and other nerds. 
But since art is also a matter of trust on the blockchain, the renowned Galerie SOON is taking on a linking function. Other Partners support us in various tasks and functions - or just like and support the project!

Project Team


Ray "Godfather" Man

High-Tech Hiker


Bill "Peakasso" Biver

Naked Climber


Kia Thirst

Plain-air afficionado

Execution Partners

soon logo hoch weiss.png
Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-25 um 13.27.10.png
Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-25 um 13.28.12.png

More community, exhibition and charity partners to be anounced soon.

For the classy followers...

Thank you - keep hiking!

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